Creating project for your academic year is one of the important aspects of your study.

It is helpful to convert your theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge.

We simply try to provide you projects which are currently operational with some firms.

Our intention to provide these projects are not use them in academic year but to use them in essential way through which you can create your own functionality in your own projects.

These projects will help you to learn how to create documentation, how to use different connectivity methods and functionality.

You are the creator of your bright future and we are just trying to help you to create your bright future in better and faster way.

These projects are gathered from students from different universities with their permission. They are also appreciate the way through which we try to share their knowledge with other students.


If you need any kind of projects in IT, Electronics etc.

you just have to contact us through our contact form and  fill the required fields and some initial information about your project requirements.


You can get paid for your projects.   Share your project and get paid

project 4







List of some projects:

  • New 7 Wonders of world voting system.
  • Inventory System.
  • Pizza house management system
  • Resource management system.
  • Oil Transaction system.
  • Crypto frog
  • Advertising Agency
  • E- Monitoring for women


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